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Merging Bioengineering with Medicine

Current immunosuppressive (anti-rejection) drug regimens result in significant side effects ranging from opportunistic infections,  cancers, new onset diabetes, and paradoxically contribute to scarring of grafted tissues. Targeted drug delivery to transplant organs can circumvent these side effects and have a major public health impact.


Founded by Drs. Satish N. Nadig, Ann-Marie Broome and Carl Atkinson, ToleRaM Nanotech is dedicated to the focused delivery of therapeutics to various disease processes (including those leading to transplantation) by utilizing specifically targeted nanoparticle devices. Click to read more about the founding members



Utilizing a platform of Nano-sized devices we specialize in the synthesis of particles filled with therapeutic payloads conjugated to flourophores for tracking purposes and targeting moieties for specified delivery. Once delivered to the specified target, therapeutics are delivered in a trigger-release manner. Click to read more about information of specific products


Along with the leadership of the company, ToleRaM Nanotech is fortunate to have a highly qualified internal and external board of advisors consisting of medical professionals, basic scientists, and entrepreneurs. Click to read more information about the advisory board


The field of transplantation has made tremendous strides within the last thirty years, allowing for better  medications rendering acute rejection episodes less frequent and less aggressive. However, transplant recipients continue to succumb to the systemic side effects of standard immunosuppression highlighting the need for targeted delivery devices. Click to read more about how these devices can work.